Traditional Portuguese 19.2k Gold Filigree Flower Necklace

Traditional Portuguese 19.2k Gold Filigree Flower Necklace

"Colares de Gramalheira / Gramalheira Necklaces"


Portuguese Travassos Gold Museum


The ‘Gramalheira’ ( or ‘ gremalheira’, or ‘cremalheira’)  overlaps and detaches itself from all other ornaments. It is a piece that, for economical reasons, is not very popular but it is certainly of exceptional effect. Especially when, like in many units/pieces, the necklace has ornaments – that are currently called ‘escamas’ (= fish scales) – and has in the middle well crossed mesh.  In the part where the centre is put together there is a button connecting it all (it is a button in the shape of half an orange, and the diameter of its base isn’t’ bigger than the one of a normal raincoat or overcoat button), surrounded by non-expensive stones. From this ‘button’ two straps, in opposite sides, radiate, finished by ‘borlas’ coupled with a beautiful ‘florão’ (= big flower) similar, in shape and in size, to a hen’s egg cut in half, top to bottom. This ‘florão’ is made of different types of gold and is ornamented with stones, small and round, blue, red and white, identical to the ones in the ‘button’. Because of their low cost these stones are called ‘fanfarronas’ and, as it is easy to understand, it is the ‘florão’ (which is the medallion of the ‘gramalheira’) that apotheosizes it all by completing such a beloved piece of jewellery.

Flor / Flower: 44mm x44mm;
"Bambolinas": 34mm x 12mm;
Corrente / chain: 350mm;
Comprimento total / total lenght: 420mm.

Precious metal:
Solid gold 800/1000; 19.3k;
Weight: 40 grams;
Hallmarks: Maker, gold and UID.

***** Museum reproduction *****

This piece comes with a beautiful box, an origin and ownership certificate,
unique ID and if You wish Your name and piece registered on Travassos Gold Museum Guest Book;
From time to time, we participate on top worldwide exhibitions, in museums, cultural spaces and art galleries, about artistic traditional fine jewelry and we invite the owners of the pieces created by us to exhibit them at those events.

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Price: $3,850.00

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