Susana Bretes artistic ceramics painter Curriculum Vitae - BICESSE TILES

Susana Bretes artistic ceramics painter

Susana Bretes, was born in Constância do Ribatejo, Portugal in 1954.
She did a a course of decorative arts in the António Arroio School...
She has more than on 30 years of painting experience in ceramics. 



Lisbon Lisboa Panel Mural Tiles
Ancient Lisbon, Lisbon Panel


The Susana worked in the following artistic workshops:
- Cerâmica Constância (Portugual);
- Fábrica de Cerâmica Sta. Anna (Portugal);
- Oficina 59 (Portugal)
- Cerâmica de Bicesse (Portugal).


Antique Portuguese Design Albarrada Flowers Vase
Albarradas Vases of Flowers Panel


The Susana has worked with known artists like:
- Menez;
- Graça Morais;
- Eduardo Nery;
- António Reis;
between others...


Tiles Panel - Providencia 1878, California, USA
Providencia 1878, California, USA

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